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Bus Ticket Online : Going back to treasured hometown or holiday is something we are waiting for. But, do you know if you buy your ticket near to your departure date, you might end up stranded at the bus station? But, everything is on your phone now. In order to get your ticket, you can booking it through online system to all the destination around Malaysia. No worry anymore! E-ticketing is the platform that enable you to book your ticket online wherever you want to go.

Eticketing webpage for purchasing bus ticket online
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It cannot be that hard. Here, the step on how to booking bus ticket online and you will never miss that bus:

  • Go to the website :
  • You can choose your depart destination. You can press the drop list down and choose yours. All the bus station around Malaysia are on the list.
  • Press “To” to choose your destination
  • Choose your departure date and return date (if two way ticket) and choose your time to depart, usually the time will be in the morning and night.
  • Then, do your payment via online transaction and it done! Do not forget to save your itinerary and print out.
  • Next, you can claim the ticket at the counter

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Mostly all state in Malaysia have their own bus station. So, no wonder during festival or school holiday, public transportation especially bus become the first choice for Malaysian to reach their destination as they no need to drive for a long journey and can get a rest for a whole journey.
So, when you planning to go back to your hometown, go to the website and be the early bird to booking your ticket. It is safer to get the ticket early before it is sold out and do not take a risk buying it at the last minute and by booking it through the online system, it will make your life easier especially during the peak season.
Always planning your journey and booking your bus ticket online.